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I laugh, I cry, I sp00j and have teh wonderful time.

Thank j00 <3

Piconjo responds:

PICONJO <3 j00.

Now...when was the last time Cory cut HIS nails? (dunno)

Short, funny, and sweet.

All in all, I wish there was more to what it could be, but I like it!

GrayAnimations responds:

thanks. may make another toon thats this but longer

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Getting freaky on a friday night, even though it's Monday afternoon lol

I actually like this tho. It's as if, it's a good ending. I kinda like it like that, even if the original from 1999 was set to be edgy, and shocking as is, humor wise, I think we can all be fair that the humor is kinda dated to today's standards (who am I to judge about the original Pico's School? It did play an important role to Newgrounds as a whole, especially with me growing up with NG). Dunno if it was worth digging in that old hard drive from '99 to make this for April 1st, but hey, it's worth it!

Not only have I remembered playing this game back in ye olde days of Newgrounds, when everything was just Win XP, Internet Explorer 6, and Flash 8, but it's one of the reasons as to why I love Newgrounds as a whole, and the Pico series in addition. I know the jokes that are revolved around in the Pico series are dated as fuck, but then again WHO GAVE A SHIT? It was the 2000s, it was time to be edgy! All in all, it's a really cool side-game. Thanks, Tom Fulp, for this masterpiece and Newgrounds in general for everything <3

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"You never stood a chance to begin with. Not you, nor Super Mario"

All in all, I love this song so much. Never knew there was a first version, but now I know lol

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Looking back at it, this was still pretty cool IMO man!

SuperStarmations responds:

yep, classic artwork :3

Rawr indeed!

Now that's some edgy, DOPE ASS art!

Love how Nene looks here

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